Pixel Hero

After Whack’em Moles things in our lives got a little bit busy and we didn’t have much time to develop any games.

And then one day I got that urge again to be creative and take this mobile development to the next stage. At that time the endless running games became or were very popular as well as the pixel art games, so I wanted to make something the would be a little bit unique in that sense, so I create Pixel Hero.

In Pixel Hero the player must run for his life in a fast paced action packed platform runner demanding your fastest reflexes and rewarding you with a lot of fun while mastering all environments. Run in various different environments, collect pickups such as wings to fly through levels and achieve a top ranking against all other players worldwide.

One can buy new characters in this game with the loot you pickup along the way.

The characters are familiar box shape characters and each character has a very basic animation set.

To get this game go to this link: Google Play Store Link.

Image1 Image2 Image4 Image5


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